Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Guest Blogger--Ashleigh Dozier

I met Ashleigh two years ago, when she and several of her sorority sisters from Texas A & M came to serve with us here in Pittsburgh. Ashleigh's heart for the Lord and love for kids was evident from the second she got here.

I wanted to share with you a recent email I got from her, because it just blessed my heart so much. She has now graduated from A & M and is teaching inner city kids.

Ashleigh with some of the kids she worked with on her mission trip to Rio Grande

Today I was reminded of His grace and love for EVERYONE. It is my job to not only love on my kids that so desperately need it, but to guide them. "Love them like Jesus...Carry Them to Him. His yoke is easy. His burden is light. We don't need the answers to all of life's questions. Just tell them He loves them. Stay by their side and love them like Jesus"

Over the past day He has started to open my eyes to a new ministry approach. Anxious???...Yes I am. Overwhelmed??? You bet cha. Trusting in Him???...completely. I am nothing and He is all. He is all knowing, all powerful, always present, always active, and always in control. He is love. He is joy...and...He is peace. Without Him...my life would be meaningless. He is my hope, my friend, but most of all He is my savior.

As a believer I am called to be a light to this dark world. He has called me to take up my cross and follow Him no matter what the cost is. He's reminded me how much I really do need Him along with the rest of the world.

I want to know Him. Not just know who he is, what he's like, what's he's done. I want to KNOW him. I want my kids to KNOW him.

My heart breaks for those kids who have given up hope. Who don't see the light. Who don't know him and feel helpless. And I anger because on countless occassions I do nothing to show His grace and mercy to them. I should be living it. I should be pouring Him out in all situations to them.

Do I? No......not all the time! I let myself get in the way. I also hurt because I want to take those babies who don't ever hear I love you and aren't held and love them.I want to because He does.

I want my girls out there that don't feel loved and beautiful to know that they are. To know that they are more precious than rubies. They are His creation. He wants them to be called His daughters... Princesses of the Most High. I want them to walk away from bad situations and relationships and walk into His arms! Strive to be Proverbs 31 women.

I want the guys to grow into young men of Him. Not young men of the street who turn to violence and crime to feel a sense of belonging, power, and fufillment. Because of this hurt and this anger I am determined to step it up like He has called me to do and to challenge you to do the same. We can train up a generation for Christ if we set ourselves aside and just run hard after Him....live radically and SERVE.

We must Know Him and make Him Known!

But the coolest part about the whole deal is that we really aren't doing anything. He is doing it all and just using us to do it. What an honor to be used by Him. To get to be His hands and feet...not because we have done anything to deserve that, but simply because He wanted it to be that way. He is sovereign, majestic and loving. Just my thoughts :). Pray it up!

Hood Kids

hood kids

but good kids

not bad kids

just misunderstood kids

watch mom shoot up

and dad shoot bullets

and combat the words

that scream I'm useless

I'm not

just hot

and mad at dad who split

and mom who took him back

even though he split

her lip the third time

I watch from the sideline

and grow full of hate

from parents' guidelines

and you, pastor

push me faster

to hate

taking our crumbs to fill

you already full plate

your frock is stained

you mock the name

of He who commissioned

cuz you're more concerned

with titles and pensions

don't forget the babies

don't be so lazy

cuz I need you greatly

it's not about parking spots

and who pays a lot

but who gives a lot

and who prays a lot

for me

the lost sheep

but nobody's looked for me

don't you know God made

the Good Book for me?

but I need direction

some protection

much affection

not rejection


man of God

woman of God

be of God

and keep your eyes peeled

for real

we're crying

and dying

but still trying

though momma ignores us

and daddy abuses us

I'm sure that God still

wants to use us

when momma doesn't hug us

and daddy slugs us

I'm confident that God

still loves us

cuz I'm a hood kid

but a good kid

not a bad kid

just misunderstood kid

and I need your help

before it's too late

and I walk the same path

that my parents made

look at us

behind the chain linked fence

pain wrenched kids

such tainted kids

who were struck

but never fainted kids

we live hellish lives

but can be saintly kids

if you just TRY!

until then

we'll continue to die

continue to cry

the hood kids

that no one really cares about

it's so obvious that no one

really cares about 'em.

Will YOU care for him? Will YOU love her when she doesn't act quite right? Will YOU be patient and affectionate towards him? Will YOU hug her and her parents? Will YOU do whatever it takes to present the Truth in a way he can understand and grasp?

Will YOU at least try?


GuyMuse said...

I love this phrase that speaks so well of your friend..."We don't need the answers to all of life's questions...Stay by their side and love them like Jesus" With so many out there talking up a storm about missions, its refreshing to read about someone who is DOING missions and loving the lost to Jesus. Thanks for sharing this uplifting letter with us.

I finally got back from my trip and have since responded to your good comments at my blog.

Märta said...

I love this song, and think this missionary will to. I don't know how to share it with her, will you please help me. The link is...


May God bless you as you continue to love His Children!

Anonymous said...

What is Ashleigh up to now? Is she in Dumas , TX ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am in Dumas :)